Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Compresses natural gas(CNG) fuelled spark ignition engine-gas injection,combustion,performance and exhaust emission studies Mathur, H.B. ( Mechanical Engg.,IIT Delhi ) Soni, Shyam Lal
Studies in reliability based optimization of manufacturing systems. Chawla, O.P. ( ITMMEC, IIT Delhi ) Prabhuswamy, M.S,
A theoretical and experimental investigation of alternatives to CFC 12 in refrigerators Arora, C.P. ( Mechanical Engineering,IIT Delhi ) Ashok Babu, T.P.
Pressure pu;lsation and condition monitoring studies of multistage reciprocating compressor Yadava, G.S. ( ITMMEC, IIT Delhi ) Gupta, Anita ;Ms.
Some studies on pulse gas metal ARC welding(PGMAW) of Aluminium alloy Parmar, R.S. ( Mechanical Engineering,IIT Delhi ) Abdul Khaliq, G
Flexibility, integration and automation framework to assist CIM development: an IT effectiveness perspective Tewari, N.K. ( Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi )Wadhwa, Subhash ( Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi ) Aggarwal, Abhinav
Vibratory stress analysis of turbine blades using shell finite elements Gupta, K ( mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi )Ramakrishnan, C.V. ( Applied Mechanics,IIT Delhi ) Rao, Kota Kameswara
Technology of evanescent wave fibre optic immunosensor for serodiagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis Sneh Anand ( CBME, IIT Delhi ) Nidhi Nath
Bio-physical aspects of non-prealigned rapid human erythrocyte homo-electrofusion and erythrocyte-placental amnion hetero electrofusion Guha, Sujoy k. ( Centre for Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Biswas, Subrata
Dynamic analysis of dual rotor system with an intershaft sqweeze film damper Gupta, K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Chatterjee, Samir
Flexibility and related issues in evaluation and selection of manufacturing systems Kanda, Arun ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Rao, K.Surya Prakasa ( Mechanical Engineering - K.L College of Engineering,Nagarjuna University,Andhra Pradesh ) Chowdary, B.V.
Evaluation of boundary friction under plastic deformation for metal forming processes Rao, U.R.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Sethuramaiah, A ( Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamics - IIT Delhi ) Regalla, Srinivasa Prakash
Articular cartilage in relation to loading and articulation Sahay, K.B. ( Centre for Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Saxena, R.K. ( Centre for Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Aravind, A.S.
Setup planning and fixture design for computer aided process planning Rao, U.R.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Arora, Vijay
Assessment of newly developed gasoline fuel injection systems for a single cylinder sparkignition engine Subrahmanyam, J.P. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Babu, M.K.Gajendra ( Centre for Energy Studies - IIT Delhi ) Najibullah, Khwaja Omary
Response of the vas deferens to physical interventions in surgery Guha, S.K. ( Centre for Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Malik, T.K. ( Maulana Azad Medical College - New Delhi ) Singh, Gulshan Jit