Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Some studies on computer aided process planning for prismatic components Rao, P.V.Madhusudhan ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Eshwaraiah, Punna
Technology optimization of evanescent wave fiber optic biosensor for the detection of bancroftian filariasis Anand, Sneh ( Centre for Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Madhan Mohan, T.
Development of design methodology for maintainability of mechanical systems Gandhi, O.P. ( Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamics - IIT Delhi ) Wani, Mohd.Farooq
Impact of technological flexibility,multi skilled workforce and supply attributes in jit manufacturing systems Kanda, Arun ( Machanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Vrat, Prem ( Machanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Garg, Suresh Kumar
Finite element model updating and modification for dynamic mechanical structures Nakra, B.C. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Kundra, T.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Sai Rama Narayana, Peddi
Technology forecasting, planning and implementation in the Indian engineering industry-a flexible systems study Gupta, A.D. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Sushil ( Management Studies - IIT Delhi ) Sharma, Chitra
Some micromechanical studies on damping in fiber-reinforced composites Gupta, K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Singh, S.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Chandra, Rakesh
Studies on a producer gas operated spark ignition engine converted from a single cylinder diesel engine Gajendra Babu, M.K. ( Centre for Energy Studies - IIT Delhi ) Subrahmanyam, J.P. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Tewari, Prakash G.
Investigations on a dual fuel engine using diesel and biogas for performance optimization and conversion kits Gour, R.R. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Govil, Gyan P.
Investigation in traverse cold rolling Juneja, B.L. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Singh, Shailendra