Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Studies in genetic algorithms based model updating and structural dynamic modification for dynamic design in mechanical systems Kundra, T.K. (Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Dutta, Ved Prakash
Pulmonary function assessment through non-invasive techniques-effects of exposure to air pollution Anand, Sneh (Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Agarwal, Rachna
Neurophysiological correlates of volitional actions for brain computer interface systems Anand, Sneh (Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Jayshree, G.
Design of agglomerated fluxes and their effect on weld metal composition and weldability in submerged arc welding Panday, Sunil (Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Mohan, Narndra
Combustion characteristics of multicomponent-fuel-air mixtures Ravi, M.R. (Mechanical Engineerin - IIT Delhi )Ray, Anjan ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Kashava, Murthy T.V.
Dynamic modeling and signal processing of spur gear viberation for the detection of faults Tandon, N. (Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamic - IIT delhi ) Parey, Anand
Development of alternative cut-off wheel Sagar, R. (Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Sahu, Pramod
An experimental investigation to enhance performance of end milling under dry and solid lubricant assisted machining Rao, P.Venkateswara (Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Reddy, N.Suresh Kumar
Reliability and safety analysis of lubricated systems for maintenance consideration Gandhi, O.P. (Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamic - IIT Delhi ) Sharma, Brijesh Kumar
Multi-project Scheduling with resource transfers Kanda, Arun (Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Mittal, Murari Lal
Modeling vender related issues in contexts of supply chains Vrat, Prem (Mechanical Engineering - IITR )Shankar, Ravi ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Manoj Kumar
Condition monitoring studies on a lathe and fault diagnosis using ann Yadava, G.S. (Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamics - IIT Delhi )Rao, P.V. ( Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamics - IIT Delhi ) Saravanan, S.
Quantitative estimation of depth of anesthesia using electroence phalographic and auditory evoked potential signals. Anand, Sneh (CBME - IITD ) Amod, Kumar.
Studies on the development of radiation grafted antimicrobial polypropylene sutures. Singh, Harpal (CBME - IITD )Gupta, Bhuvanesh ( TT - IITD ) Jain, Rachna ; Ms.
Application of plasma enhanced shielded metal arc welding (PESMAW)of mild steel. Panday, Sunil (ME - IITD ) Thiruchitrambalam, S.
Collaboration in supply chain management:challenges and opportunities. Subhash, Wadhwa (ME - IITD )Kanda, Arun - IITD ) Bhoon, K.S.