Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Investigation of mixture formation process in various cylinder and injection configurations of DI-SI engines through multidimensional modelling Gaur, R.R. (Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Vaidya, Abhijeet Mohan
Combinatonal approach for transdermal delivery of methotrexate using chemical and eletrical anhancers. Anand, Sneh (CBME - IITD )Koul, Veena ( CBME - IITD ) Rachna, Prasad
Investigations on mechanical and tribological properties of carbon fabric reinforced polyetherimide composites. Bijwe, Jayashree (ITMMEC - IITD ) Rekha, Rattan ; Ms.
Tool deflection compensation in peripheral milling of curved geometries Madhusudan Rao, P.V. (ME - IITD ) Rao, Vinja subba
Hybrid approaches to modal supplies related issues in a dynamic supply chain. Deshmukh, S.G. (ME - IITD ) Jain, Vipul
Simulation of a biomass gasifier-engine system. Ravi, M.R (ME - IITD ) Avdhesh, Kumar
Studies and analysis of the rack and pinion steering gear. Saha, S.K. (ME - IITD ) Kamble, Naresh Dayanand
Dilution control through advanced gas metal arc welding process. Pandey, Sunil (ME - IITD ) Mistry, Pankaj Kumar J
Bead geometry and shape relationship in GMAW of aluminium alloy 7005. Pandey, Sunil (ME - IITD ) Wattal, Reeta ; Mrs.
Reliability,efficiency and maintenance studies for commercial availability of steam power plants using graph theory and matrix approach. Agrawal, V.P. (BITS - IITD )Gandhi, OP. ( ITMMEC - IITD ) Man, Mohan
Polymeric hydrogel based insuline delivery system. Singh, Harpal (CBME - IITD ) Amit, Kumar
Computer aided design and analysis of permanent magnet brushless DC motors. Rajagopal, K.R. (EE - IITD ) Upadhyay, Parag Ramkrishna
Studies on eletroimpedance and electromyographic signals to assess early diagnosis of knce osteoarthritism moninvasively. Anand, Sneh (CBME - IITD )Saxena, R.K. ( CBME - IITD ) Gajre, Suhas Sudhakarrao
Dynamic analysis of flexible multibody robotic system. Saha, S.K. (M.E - IITD ) Ashish, Mohan
Heat transfer charcteristics of laminar methane/air flames impingig on flat and cylindrical surfaces. Ray, Anjan (ME - IITD ) Subhash, Chander
Service quality in supply chain:a study of indian manufacturing organisations. Vrat, Prem (U.P. - Technical University )Deshmukh, S.G. ( ME - IITD ) Seth, Nitin
Studies on heme proteins mimetic materials. Ray, Alok R. (CBME - IITD ) Mukherjee, Monalisa ; Ms.
Study of flezible manufacturing system in CIMS context. Wadhwa, Subhash (ME - IITD )Rao, P.V. ( ME - IITD ) Mohammed, Ali
Computational and experimental investigation on spark ignition engines using menthane-rich gasous fuels. Subrahmanyam, J.P. (ME - IITD )Ravi, M.R. ( ME - IITD ) G., Anand
Simulation and optimization compression-absorption refrigeration system. Kaushik, S.C. (CES - IITD )Agarwal, R.S. ( ME - IITD ) Prathiiikar, Anil Kumar