Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Kinematic optimization and dynamics of steering linkages. Saha, S.K. (ME - IIT ) Hanzaki, Ali Rahmani
Multi-janlt modelling and analysis of rotor. Darpe, A.K. Patel, Tejas Harikaishanbhai
Enterprices system with flexibility:some studies on performamce improvement. Wadhwa, S. (ME - IIT ) Madann, Jitendra
Performance evaluation of the process industry supply chain:case of the petroleum industry in india. Deshmukh, S.G. (ME - IIT ) Varma, Siddharth
Study of supply chain management practices in small and medium scale enterprises(SMES):a CASE OF INDIAN MANUFACTURING. Kanda, Arun (ME - IITD ) Thakkar, Jitesh J.
Developmant of polymer materices for enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. Singh, Harpal (CBME - IITD ) Tyagi, Charu
Development and pharmacoscintigraphic evalution of polymeric hydogel based transdermal patches for local vasodilator action. Singh, Harpal (CBME - IITD ) Singh, Geeta
Studies on stand alone liquid desiccwnt based air-conditioning systems. Jain, Sanjeev (ME - IITD ) Ritunesh, Kumar
Development of an automated inspection planning system for plantness measurement using coordinate measuring machine. Venkarteswara, P. (ME - IITD ) Rajamani, Raghunandar
Development of systhetie extra cellular materices for tissue engineering. Ray, Alok R. (CBME - IITD ) Verma, Vipin
Experimental and computational studies related to part strength in selective laser sintering. Pandey, Pulak M. (ME - IITD ) Jain, Prashant Kumar
Development of conducting polymer based nucleic acid biosensors. Singh, Harpal (CBME - IITD )Malhotra, B.D. (Scientist) - NPL, New Delhi Prabhakar, Nirmal
Effects of dilution with N2/Co2 on the laminar burning velocity and flame stability of H2-co-AIR MIXTURES. Ray, Arjan (ME - IITD ) Prathap, C.