Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Developent of novel assay to study iron profiles in hematological disorders Gohil, Nivedita Kamakar (PSO) - CBME, IIT Delhi; Saxena, Renu (Prof.) - AIIMS, New Delhi; Sharma, Manisha(Ms)
Studies on process modeling in machining of curved geometries Rao, P. V. Madhusudhan (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Desai, Kaushalkumar Ashokbhai
Study of condensation characteristics of pure and mixtures of HFC refrigerants in horizontal tubes with micro-fins Agarwal, R. S. (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Jain, Sanjeev (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Kukreja, Rajeev
Grindability improvement of conductive ceramics using cryogenic coolant and modeling for specific grinding energy Rao, P. Venkateswara (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi;Ghosh, Sudarsan (Asstt. Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Singh, Vijayender
Development of iron based hardfacing consumables for surfacing Pandey, Sunil (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Aravindan, S. (Assis. Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Manoj Kumar
Selection of optimal machine tool configuration by simultaneous consideration of reliability and maintance Kulkarni, Makarand S. (Assis. Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Lad, Bhupesh Kumar
Critical analysis of supply chain management in Indian context: a case of suitability, scalability and sustainability Deshmukh, S. G. (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Kanda, Arun (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Shukla, Apratul Chandra
Repositioning the knee and the hip joints in human body finite element model for impact simulations Chawla, Anoop (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Mukherjee, Sudipto (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Jani, Dhaval Ashvinkumar
Studies on the development of antimicrobial polypropylene suture by plasma grafting Ray, Alok R. (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi; Gupta, Bhuvanesh (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; Saxena, Shalini
Development of 17-a-hydroxy progesterone immunoassay using different spacers in immunogen and enzyme conjugane Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi;Shrivastav, T. G. (Prof.) - NIHFW, New Delhi; Tripathi, Vinay
Development of polymeric matrices and fluorsent nanoparticles for immuno-based detection of pathogenic bacteria Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi; Jain, Swati
Development of polymeric nano and microparticles for insulin delivery Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi;Lahiri, S. S. (Prof.) - Instt. of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sc., N. Delhi; Tomar, Lomas
Studies on the development of polyester scaffolds by radiation grafting for tissue engineering Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi;Gupta, Bhuvanesh (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; Grover, Navdeep
Investigations on the influence of metal contents in friction composites on the performance properties Bijwe, Jayashree (Prof.) - ITMMEC, Delhi; Mukesh Kumar
Simulation and development of higher EER hermetic reciprocating compressor Agrawal, R.S. (Prof.) ME, IIT Delhi; Jain,Sanjeev (Prof.), ME, IIT Delhi; Singh, Vishal