Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Carbon fabric reinforced polymer composites: development, surface designing by micro and nano PTFE and performance evaluation Bijwe, Jayashree (Prof.) - ITMMEC, Delhi; Sharma, Mohit
Role of fiber-matrix interface on mechanical and tribological properties of carbon fabric-polyetherimide composites Panier, Stephane (Associ. Prof.) - PCTMED, France; Bijwe, Jayashree (Prof. ) - ITMMEC, IIT Delhi; Tiwari, Sudhir
Studies on tool/ workpiece deflections in peripheral milling of tubular geometries Rao, P. V. Madhusudhan (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Bera, Tufan Chandra
Experimental investigations and analysis of ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing process Pandey, Pulak Mohan (Associ. Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Mulik, Rahul S.
Performance improvment of manufacturing systems using knowledge based meta-heuristics Deshmukh,S.G,ME,IIT Delhi. Prakash,Anuj
Modular framework for dynamic modeling and analysis of tree-type robotic systems Saha, S. K.(Prof.), ME, IIT Delhi;Dutt, J. K.(Prof.), ME, IIT Delhi; Shah, Suril Vijaykumar
Behavioral & Neurophysiological correlates of object representation and evidence of neural plasticity Anand, Sneh (Prof.) CBME , IIT Delhi; Sinha,Pawan (Prof.) MIT, Cambridge; Santosh, Jayashree (prof.) CSC, IIT Delhi; Gandhi, Tapan Kumar
Machinability studies on high speed steel (HSS) and cemented carbide using focused ion bean (FIB) milling Rao, P Venkateswara (Pfof.), ME, IIT Delhi;Aravindan, S (Pfof.), ME, IIT Delhi; Bhavsar, Sanket Niranjanbahi
Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of poly (ethylene glycol) based polymeric systems for tuberculosis and cancer therapy Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi; Mishra, Anil K. (Scientist F & Joint Director ) - Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, DRDO Delhi; Kakkar, Dipti
Development of experimental set-ups for quasi-static and dynamic testing of ligament properties and some preliminary results Mukherjee, Sudipto (Prof.) - ME , IIT Delhi Chawla, Anoop (Prof.) - ME , IIT Delhi Warhatkar, Hemant kumar Namdeorao
Developing RAMS based performance evaluation methodology for a system Yadava, G. S. (Chief Design Engineer) - ITMMEC, IIT Delhi. Saraswat, Suvandan
Hydrogel based scaffolds for wound healing applications Koul, Veena (Dr.) CBME, IIT Delhi;Dinda, Amit Kumar (Dr.) AIIMS, New Delhi ;Gupta, Asheesh (Dr.) DIPAS, New Delhi. Jaiswal, Maneesh
Evaluation of temperature sensitive polymeric nanoparticles for cancer targeting Koul, Veena (Dr.) CBME, IIT Delhi; Dinda, Amit Kumar (Dr.) CBME, IIT Delhi; Gulati, Nany (nee Kumar)
Studies of ball bearing vibrations caused by local deffects and improvements in fault detection Tandon, N. (Prof.) ITMMEC, IIT Delhi ; Pandey, R. K. (Assoc. Prof.) ME, IIT Delhi Patel, Vinodkumar N.
Contra lateral limb controlled prosthetic knee joint Anand, Sneh (Prof.) CBME , IIT Delhi;Ribeiro, Rahul (Assist. Prof.) ME , IIT Delhi;Srivastava, Sakti (Prof.) CBME , IIT Delhi; Joshi, Deepak
Joint optimization of production scheduling, maintenance and quality policies in manufacturing Kulkarni, Makarand S. (Assoc. Prof.), ME, IIT Delhi ; Vrat, Prem (Vice Chancellor), ITM University, Gurgaon Pandey, Divya
Enhanced depot level maintenance of defense aerospace assets through supply chain management transformation Deshmukh, S. G. (Department of Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi )Gandhi, O. P. (ITMMEC - IIT Delhi) Chabra, Samir