Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Finite element model updating of damped structures using frequency response data Modak, S. V. (Asso. Prof.) -ME, IITD Pradhan, Sharad K.
Jet impingement cooling of a circular cylinder Premachandran, B. (Asstt. Prof.) - ME, IITDKohli, Sangeeta (Prof.) -ME, IITD Singh, Dushyant
Select approaches for green supplier selection Kale, Sunil R. (Prof.) - ME, IITD Kumar, Amit
Integrated approach for maintenance,quality control and production scheduling of manufacturing systems Kulkarni, Makarand S. (Asso. Prof.) -ME, IITD Tambe, Parvin Pramod
Design and development of a simple orthosis for treatment of clubfoot Pandey, Pulak Mohan (Asso. Prof.) -ME, IITDRay, Alok R. (Prof.) -CBME, IITD Singh, Kanwaljit
Experimental investigations and modelling of ultrasonic assisted jet electrodeposition for micro part fabrication Pandey, Pulak Mohan(Ass. Prof.) -ME, IITDJha, Sunil(Ass. Prof.) -ME, IITD Rajput, Mridul Singh
Dynamic mechanical modeling for characterization of carbon nanotube/ polypropylene nanocomposites Singh, S. P. (Prof.) -ME, IITDPrasad, R. (Prof.) -AM, IITD Mandal, Apurba
Stablization and impingement heat transfer characteristics of premixed laminar flames in an array Ray, Anjan (Prof.) -ME, IITD Mathur, Ved Nath
Experimental investigations and modeling of electric discahrge grinding of conductive alumina ceramic composite material Pandey, Pulak M.(Asso Prof.) -ME, IITD Satyarthi, Manoj Kumar