Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Weldability investigations of dissimilar metal joints for nuclear plant applications Pandey, Sunil (Prof.) -ME, IITDAravindan, S (Asso. Prof.) -ME, IITD Rathod, Dinesh Wasudev
Exprimental studies on thermochemical gasification of high lignin biomass (pongamia residue Subbarao, P.M.V (Prof.) ME, IITDSubrahmanyam, J P (Prof.) ME, IITD Prasad, Lalta
Dynamics of meso and macro scale roter supported by bump type gas foil journal bearings Darpe, A K (Asso. P. ) ME, IITD Pavalas, Bhore Skylab
Microcellular injection molding of the thermoplastic foams Rizvi, Syed Javed Ahmad, IITD Bhatnagar, Naresh (Prof.) - ME ,IITD Rizvi, Syed Javed Ahmad
Lean machine tool structures by design-analysis intregration Rao, P V Madhusudhan (Prof) ME, IITD Kundra, T K (Prof.) ME, IITD Kiran, G
Studies on heavily loaded slow speed journal bearing Hirani, Harish(Prof.) ME, IITD Muzakkir, S.M.
Dynamics of closed-loop multi-body systems and their appl ation to haptic interfaces/ Saha, S.K. (prof.), IITD Manivannan, M. (prof.), IITD Koul, Majid Hameed
Studies on liquid desiccant cooling system using indirect contact heat and mass exchange Jain,Sanjeev Das, Rajat Subhra
Interval analysis approach to study the dynamics and active vibration control of structures with uncertainties and weal non-linearities Singh, S P (Prof.) MEDutt, J K (Prof.) ME Chennuri, Sukesh Babu
Size effects on formability of very thin sheets Kumar, Ravi (Prof.) ME Dhruv, Anand B.
Studies on design and analysis of low velocityimpect on injection molded microcellular thermoplastic hip protection device Bhatnagar, Naresh (Prof.) ME Gaur, Kumresh Kumar
Development of downdraft gasifier cookstoves for domestic application Ravi, M R (Prof.) MEKohli, Sangeeta (Prof.) ME Sutar, Kailasnath Bhimrao
Some Studies on Performance improvement of machining of ti-6ai-4vusing pvd tiain coated inserts Rao, P. Vankateswara (Prof) MEGhosh, Sudarsan (Asso. Prof.) Narasimhulu, Andriya
Synthesis and charactrization of mr polishing fluid and mr finishing of silicon Rao, P Venkateswara (Prof.) MEJha, Sunil (Asso. Prof.) ME Sarasawathamma, Konapalli
Suppression of pool fires by water mist in enclosures Kale, Sunil R.(Prof.), MERay, Anjan()Prof., ME Gupta, Meenakshi