Consultancy Projects Details

Project / Consultancy No. Project / Consultancy Title Sponsoring Agency Employee Name
CW02433 Thermodynamic Evaluation of Escorts Ltd. Four-Stroke Engine Escorts Ltd.(Motorcycle & Scooter Division) J.P. SUBRAMANYAM
CW03248 Technical Advice & Assessment for a Defelt Pertaining to a car premier 118NE MR.K.C.Luthra J.P. SUBRAMANYAM
CW03465 Solution of High TurbGenerator Bearing Vibrations in NAPS Nuclear Power Corporation KSHITIJ GUPTA
CW05362 Performance Evaluation of a Commercial Diesel Engine Basant Industries M.R. RAVI
CW05862 Evaluation of Fitch Fuel Catalyst Fitch India J.P. SUBRAMANYAM
CW06018 Design of R&D Centre on Alternative Power Generation System Power Management Institute P.M.V.SUBBARAO
CW06169 Development of Compressed Air Vehicle with Reversible Engine International Tractors Limited P.M.V.SUBBARAO
CW06311 Design Advice on Tankless Water Heater Mr. B.P. Bansal ANJAN RAY
CW06395 Analysis of Defrost Thermostat and Design Suggestions Indfos Industries Limited SUDIPTO MUKHERJEE
CW06777 Inspection of LML Trendy Vehicle No.DL-4S-X-7345 Shri Sunder Singh J.P. SUBRAMANYAM
CW06913 CC Equivalence of a Battery Driven Electric Motor for Automotive Traction Multivac India Pvt. Ltd. J.P. SUBRAMANYAM
CW06973 Boiler and Accessories Sizing for New Laundry A.I.I.M.S S.R. KALE
CW07020 Measurement of Air Flow of Compressors According to IS and JIS Standards Anest Iwata Motherson Limited P.M.V.SUBBARAO
CW07477 Coupled Acoustic-Structural Finite Element Analysis of Disk Horn Mind Industries Ltd. C.V. RAMAKRISHNAN
CW07477 Coupled Acoustic-Structural Finite Element Analysis of Disk Horn Mind Industries Ltd. M.R. RAVI
CW07642 Development of Intelligent Soot Blowing System N.T.P.C. P.M.V.SUBBARAO
CW08554 Merits of 3000 RPM Generator Asian Power Controls Ltd. J.P. SUBRAMANYAM
CW08760 Testing of a Suction Machine Delhi Police P.M.V.SUBBARAO
CW09455 Microscopic Study on Synchroniser Teeth Chang Yun India Ltd DIGAVALLI RAVI KUMAR
CW09588 Examination of Specifications & bids for TEQIP- Purchae of Variable Compression Engine Test Bed Equipment at College of Tech. GBPUAT,Pantnagar State Project Facilitation Unit, DTE, Uttarakhand P.M.V.SUBBARAO