Aravindan, S

Areas of Interest: 

Ceramics, Composites, Welding, Nano-Manufacturing


  • Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • ME, Annamalai University Chidambaram
  • BE, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli

Academic/Industrial Experience

  1. Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi, 2017-Present
  2. Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi, 2010-2016
  3. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi, 2006-2010
  4. Postdoctoral Fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, 2002-2004

Selected Publications

  1. S Aravindan, R Krishnamurthy (1999), Joining of ceramic composites by microwave heating Materials Letters 38 (4), 245-249 (Citation-70, Impact factor-2.4)
  2. M Yoshino, S Aravindan (2004), Nanosurface fabrication of hard brittle materials by structured tool imprinting, Transactions of the ASME-B-Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 126, 4,760-765 (Citation 30, Impact factor-1.9)
  3. P Sathiya, S Aravindan, A Noorul Haq (2007) Effect of friction welding parameters on mechanical and metallurgical properties of ferritic stainless steel, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 31 (11), 1076 -1082 ((Citation-70, Impact factor-1.7)
  4. K Rajkumar, S Aravindan (2009), Microwave sintering of copper–graphite composites, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 209 (15), 5601-5605. (Citation-95, Impact factor-2.7)
  5. Kannayiram Ponappa, Sivanandam Aravindan, P Venkateswara Rao (2012) Grinding of magnesium/Y2O3 metal matrix composites, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture 226,10,1675-1683 (Citation 30, Impact factor-1.9)
  6. A Goswami, S Aravindan, PV Rao, M Yoshino (2016) Structured Surfaces for Generation of Negative Index of Refraction Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences,41,5,367-385 (Impact factor-5.5)

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