Bolia, Nomesh

Areas of Interest: 

Operations Research, Stochastic Modeling, Application of MDP to various control problems, Application of OR to logistics and Economics

  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Aug 2005-Aug 2009
  • B.Tech. , IIT Bombay
Academic/Industrial Experience
  1. Course Instructor, University of North Carolina, Jan 2008-June 2009
  2. Research Assistant, University of North Carolina, June 2006-Oct 2007
  3. Assistant Business Analyst, Infotech Financial Pvt Ltd, Aug 2003- Dec 2003
  4. Junior Research Fellow, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Jan 2004-May 2005
Selected Publications
  1. V Chauhan, H K Suman, N B Bolia,"Binary Logistic Model for Estimation of Mode Shift into Delhi Metro" The Open Transportation Journal 10 (1), 2016
  2. H K Suman, N B Bolia, G Tiwari ,"Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Use of Public Buses in Delhi" ,Journal of Urban Planning and Development 142 (3), 04016003, 2016
  3. RN Rai, N Bolia,"Throughput analysis of the overhaul line of a repair depot" International Journal of Services and Operations Management 25 (4), 459-478, 2016
  4. M Tanwar, N Bolia,"Maintenance Modelling using Generalized Renewal Process for Sequential Imperfect Corrective and Preventive Maintenance" International Journal of Performability Engineering 11 (5), 427-442, 2015

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