Deshmukh, S.G.

Areas of Interest: 

Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Information Systems

  • Ph.D. , Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay, (1990)
  • M.Tech. , Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay, (1984)
  • B.Tech. , Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay, (1982)
Academic/Industrial Experience
  1. Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi, 2000-present
  2. Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi, 1998-2000
  3. Associate Professor , School of Mgmt, IIT Bombay, 1996-97
  4. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering , IIT Delhi, 1990-96
  5. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineerig, IGIDR, Mumbai, 1988-90
Selected Publications
  1. N Upadhye, SG Deshmukh, "Lean manufacturing system implementation barriers: an interpretive structural modelling approach",International Journal of Lean Enterprise Research ,Volume 2, Issue 1,2016
  2. PV Rao, SG Deshmukh, SG Deshmukh, "Identifying the perspectives for sustainability enhancement: A text mining approach for a machining process", Journal of advances in Management Reasearch, Vol. 13, issue 3, 2016
  3. N Bhanot, PV Rao, SG Deshmukh , "An integrated approach for analysing the enablers and barriers of sustainable manufacturing", Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 142, part 4 , pp 4412-4439,2017
  4. N Bhanot, PV Rao, SG Deshmukh , "Enablers and barriers of sustainable manufacturing: results from a survey of researchers and industry professionals", Procedia CIRP,vol. 29 , pp 562-567, 2015

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