Dutt, J.K.

Areas of Interest: 

Rotor Dynamics, Vibration and Control


Academic/Industrial Experience

Selected Publications
  1. Multi-event excitation force model for inner race defect in a rolling element bearing, S Khanam, N Tandon, JK Dutt , 2016
  2. Fault size estimation in the outer race of ball bearing using discrete wavelet transform of the vibration signal, S Khanam, N Tandon, JK Dutt - Procedia Technology, 2014 - Elsevier
  3. A system dynamic approach to bearing fault identification with the application of Kalman and H? filters, S Khanam, N Tandon, JK Dutt , 2016 - journals.sagepub.com
  4. Extracting rolling element bearing faults from noisy vibration signal using Kalman filter, S Khanam, JK Dutt, N Tandon , 2014
  5. Studying Continuum Dynamic Behaviour Through Rigid Multibody Dynamics, VK Kharolia, JK Dutt, SK Saha, SV Shah , 2015 - Springer