Laminar Burning Velocity & Flame Stability

Unstretched laminar burning velocity (LBV) is a fundamental property of combustible mixtures in premixed combustion. Accurate measurement of LBV is necessary for the design of various combustion appliances, development of laminar flamelet models and validation of chemical kinetic mechanisms. All practical flames experience stretch owing to different mechanisms, which affects their LBV. Constant pressure spherically expanding flame method is one of the most accurate and well defined method for measurement of LBV and flame stability in terms of burned gas Markstein length. The Combustion group of IIT Delhi focuses on experimental measurement of LBV and flame stability with respect to preferential diffusion in various multicomponent fuels with diluents. Fuels of interest range from fuels of bio origin such as producer gas and biogas, to natural gas mixtures enhanced by hydrogen.
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Prof. Anjan Ray and Prof.M.R.Ravi
Department of Mechanical Engineering