M. S. Research

Master of Science (Research) Programme The M.S. (Research) programme comprises of 20 credits of course work (minor project is not allowed) and 40 credits of research work. The larger project component gives the student an opportunity to conduct in-depth investigation on a topic of his/her interest.

The project will be monitored by the Student Research Committee (SRC) and the student will have to register for thesis (project course no. MED895) for 40 credits. An 'X' grade is awarded at the end of each semester until the project work gets completed and the thesis is written. Nominally the M.S.(R) programme is expected to take 4 semesters (excluding summer).

Upon completion of project work, a thesis is written that is evaluated by one internal and one external examiner. Upon satisfactory recommendations from the examiners, the thesis defence can be conducted before a committee