Mixed regime of film boiling over a cylinder in horizontal cross-flow of saturated liquid

Film boiling over a circular cylinder has been studied under saturation conditions in the mixed regime that is characterized by a combined influence of buoyancy and flow inertia at low magnitudes of the Froude number (Fr). Liquid-vapour interface evolution and the ensuing vapour wake dynamics together with heat transfer have been determined through a computational framework developed in-house for phase change problems on two-dimensional unstructured grids using a CLSVOF interface capturing method. The problem has been studied for both upward and horizontal liquid cross-flow separately, and the effect of cross-flow orientation with respect to gravity has been shown to be non-trivial in the mixed regime. The figures shown here correspond to orthogonal gravity and flow fields. These represent (clockwise) the schematic of the physical situation, interface evolution (〖Ja〗_v⁄〖Pr〗_v =1.2, 〖Re〗_l=170, D⁄(λ_o=1)), instantaneous view of streamlines (〖Ja〗_v⁄〖Pr〗_v =0.6, 〖Re〗_l=100, D⁄(λ_o=1)), and instantaneous non-dimensional vorticity contours (〖Ja〗_v⁄〖Pr〗_v =0.6, 〖Re〗_l=170, D⁄(λ_o=2.5)), with near critical water as the boiling fluid.

Contact details:
Prof. B. Premachandran
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Relevant publications:
  1. Nikhil Kumar Singh, B. Premachandran (2018). Mixed regime of film boiling over a horizontal cylinder in an upward flow of saturated liquid. Physics of Fluids, 30(12), 122101.
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