Prof ZHOU Hongfu

Areas of Interest: 

CNC, Robot, Ultrasonics, and Additive manufacturing area.

Brief Bio Data of Prof ZHOU Hongfu who has joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering IIT Delhi in June 2019 as Visiting Professor.

ZHOU Hongfu, PhD,. Dr ZHOU was born in Hubei, on Oct 18, 1958.Before joining IIT Delhi he was a Full Prof in School of Mechanic and automobile engineering of South China University of Technology

Academic Qualifications of Prof ZHOU Hongfu

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China ,1996, (HUST).PhD thesis title: Six axis CNC System Design
  • MPhil in Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, China ,1985,(WUT), Research master thesis title: The Study on Dynamic Response of Plain Bar Structure Mechanics
  • BEng, in Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, China , 1982, (WUT)

Broad Research areas

Prof ZHOU works in CNC, Robot, Ultrasonics, and Additive manufacturing area.

Teaching Experience

Dr. ZHOU has taught the following courses:

  • Structure mechanics, Optimization, Robot principle; CNC technology; Motor driving and controlling; Embedded system; and Rapid prototype (Additive Manufacturing)
  • Dr. ZHOU has been Visiting Researcher in Industrial Centre of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Work in robot design and robot prototype fabricating with Rapid Prototype method. Hong Kong, 2008.6-2010.
Publishing Paper Publications

Prof ZHOU published more than 90 papers, 70 as first author, others as co-author.

Some of the Selected Publications of Dr ZHOU:

  • Hongfu ZHOU, FAN QIN, 3D Reconstruction and Survey for Dental Implants, Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology Vol. 17, No. 3 (2017) 1750084:1-11(SCI)
  • ZHOU Hongfu, A locomotion driving of the capsule robot in intestinal tract,Lect Notes Comput Sci.8917(2014): pp438-445, (EI, JA)
  • ZHOU Hongfu (index name:ZHOU Hongpu), Features of buses of CNC system and their applications, Zhizao Jishu Yu Jichuang/Manufacturing Technology & Machine Tool, n 11, Nov, 1996, p 36-38 (EI, JA)
  • ZHOU Hongfu, An Ultrasonic Instrument for Osteoporosis Detecting,Lecture Notes in Computer Science,8917(2014): pp175-182,(EI, JA)
  • Hongfu ZHOU((ZHOU Hongpu), Analysis of overt(ravel limit switches and machine home in CNC cutter grinders, Gongju Jishu/Tool Engineering, v 30, n 8, Aug 20, 1996, p29-32 (EI, JA)
  • Hongfu ZHOU, Software interpolator in semi loop-locked CNC cutter grinder, Gongju Jishu/Tool Engineering, v 30, n 12, Dec 20, 1996, p 31-34 (EI,JA)

Books as first author

  • Hongfu ZHOU. CNC Technology. Publishing house in South China University of Technology, 2003,
  • Hongfu ZHOU. Motor Driving and Controlling. Chinese chemistry industry publishing house, 2006.
  • Hongfu ZHOU. Programming Logical Controller Technology and Application, Chinese power electronic publishing house, in Chinese, 2011

Book chapter

  • CAD/CAM technology, China Machine Press, 2006
Patents as co-author
  • America Patent: Wearable power assistive device for helping a user to move their hand, US Patent, No. US2010/0305717 A1,
  • European Patent: Recovering system for training user to move hands, 9 Jan., 2011, WO 2010135993 A1,