Rapid Prototyping Lab

About Laboratory: 

Rapid Prototyping is an institute central facility created in year 2004. The facility is extensively used by students and faculty across the entire institute apart from many individuals and industries out side IIT Delhi. The term rapid prototyping (RP) refers to a class of technologies that can automatically construct physical models from Computer-Aided Design (CAD) data. These “three dimensional printers” allow designers to quickly create tangible physical prototypes of their designs, rather than just two dimensional pictures. Rapid prototyping machine installed at IIT Delhi is based on Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology. The process uses polymer powder (polyamide) as a raw material to build artifacts irrespective of their complexity. The prototypes can be made in five different materials namely polyamide, glass-filled polyamide, Alumide (Aluminium mixed polyamide), primecast (wax type of material) and Somos (rubber-like material).


  • EOS P360 Rapid Prototyping Machine from EOS GmbH, Germany.
  • Powder mixer
  • Powder sieving machine
  • Shot blasting machine
  • Magics & Mimics Software


  • Analysis and improvement of accuracy in selective laser sintering (Ph.D. work of Mr K Senthilkumaran).
  • Improvement of part strength in selective laser sintering (Ph.D. work of Mr Prashant Kumar Jain).
  • Improvement of part quality in selective laser sintering by study and control of surface roughness (A research project sponsored by CSIR).