Subbarao, P.M.V.

Areas of Interest: 

Experimental Turbulence, Tomography, Power Generation Systems and I.C. Engines

  • Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • M.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Academic/Industrial Experience
  1. Ray W. Herrick Chair Professor,Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,July 1996 - Present
Selected Publications
  1. VC Mathad, VK Vijay, PMV Subbarao, "Comparative evaluation of emission and fuel economy of an automotive spark ignition vehicle fuelled with methane enriched biogas and CNG using chassis dynamometer", Applied Energy Vol. 105, May 2013, Pages 17-29
  2. L Prasad, PMV Subbarao, "Pyrolysis and gasification characteristics of Pongamia residue (de-oiled cake) using thermogravimetry and downdraft gasifier",Applied Thermal EngineeringVolume 63, Issue 1,2014, Pages 379-386
  3. P Das, PMV Subbarao, JP Subrahmanyam, "Effect of main injection timing for controlling the combustion phasing of a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine using a new dual injection strategy", Energy Conversion and Management Volume 95,2015,Pages 248-258
  4. A Goyal, S Chaudhry, PMV Subbarao , "Direct three dimensional tomography of flames using maximization of entropy technique", Combustion and Flame, Volume 161, Issue 1, 2014, Pages 173-183

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