Varun Ramamohan

Areas of Interest: 

Probabilistic modeling, simulation and optimization, with applications in healthcare systems engineering and uncertainty of measurement.


  • Ph.D., Purdue University
  • B.Tech., National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

Past Experience

  1. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi, May 2017 – present
  2. Associate Director, Health Solutions, Research Triangle Institute International, Research Triangle Park, USA, Dec 2016 – Jan 2017
  3. Senior Research Health Economist, Health Solutions, Research Triangle Institute International, Research Triangle Park, USA, Aug 2013 – Nov 2016
  4. Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, USA, Aug 2009 – May 2012
  5. Associate Consultant, Oracle Solution Services India, Bangalore, Jul 2007 – Jun 2008

Selected Publications

  1. Sripada, S., Jain, A., Ramamoorthy, P., & Ramamohan, V. (2023). A decision support framework for optimal vaccine distribution across a multi-tier cold chain network. ePub ahead of print, Computers & Industrial Engineering. Available at:
  2. Shoaib, M., Mustafee, N., Madan, K., & Ramamohan, V. (2023). Leveraging multi-tier healthcare facility network simulations for capacity planning in a pandemic. ePub ahead of print, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. Available at:
  3. Ramamohan, V., Singhal, S., Gupta, A.R., & Bolia, N.B. (2023). Discrete simulation optimization for tuning machine learning method hyperparameters. ePub ahead of print, Journal of Simulation. Available at:
  4. Fatma, N., Ramamohan, V. (2023) Patient diversion using real-time delay predictions across healthcare facility networks. OR Spectrum, 45: 437-476.
  5. Shoaib, M., Mustafee, N., & Ramamohan, V. (2023). An approach towards predicting the computational runtime reduction from discrete-event simulation model simplification operations. Accepted, Proceedings of the 2023 Winter Simulation Conference.
  6. Das, S., Mustafee, N., & Ramamohan, V. A Discrete Simulation Optimization Approach Towards Calibration of an Agent-based Simulation Model of Hepatitis C Virus Transmission. In Proceedings of the 2021 Winter Simulation Conference, December 13--17, Phoenix AZ (USA), pp. 1-12, IEEE Press. Available at:
  7. Ramamohan, V., Abbott, J.T., Klee, G.G., & Yih, Y. Modeling the effect of instrument drift on measurement uncertainty: a serum bilirubin assay case study. IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering, 2015; 5(3):147-164.

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